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Labor Law Posters

Federal & State Compliance Made Easy!

Our Labor Law Posters include postings provided by both State and Federal Government agencies. To assist in identifying particular postings, our Labor Law Posters are equipped with a legend. The poster legend identifies which postings have been issued by State or Federal agencies and can also include information on industry specific notices, or those notices required by employers operating a business with a particular number of employees.

All of our posters come with an e-update service that monitors poster changes and notifies you of the changes directly to your email.  Plus you get a BRAND NEW updated poster annually on your anniversary with our company!  All of this comes with a $25,000 "We Pay The Fine" Guarantee!

Monitor Poster Changes Easily

Labor Law Postings can change at any time of the year. But how do you know when to replace your labor law poster? Utilize our QR Codes to establish yourself as a subject matter expert on Labor Law Posting changes. Simply scan the QR Code with your smartphone and see if the poster is up-to-date!

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