Logo Design

Setting the Benchmark for Crowdsourcing

Every business owner – online or offline knows the importance of a professional logo or design to make their company stand out from the rest. In the past, creating a one of a kind logo/design cost a hefty amount of money and time - either by creating it yourself or paying someone else and hoping for quality work. The internet explosion has made the process a lot easier and cheaper but something is missing. If a business needs a professional, one of a kind logo or even website template why not give designers a chance to earn money while the ‘buyer’ focuses solely on choosing the design that fits them best? This type of question is where the creators of ZillionDesigns.com devised their revolutionary website.

We’ve had a chance to work with ZillionDesigns when we needed a logo design for our website. With over 50,000 highly accredited designers from all over the world it’s no wonder ZillionDesigns has impressed us and hence our raves about them. Just browsing through the vast selection of designers and flipping through their portfolios gives you a sense of the level of sophistication and quality each artist presents.  Click here to check out their work.

                Once you’re ready to create a contest for your business, you must decide on a price. ZillionDesigns offers several packages to fit any budget. As with anything else, the higher the package the more products you receive. The various price ranges give you options for your online presence, physical business solutions, or both. Once you have determined your package and provided information as to what type of service you are looking for, launch a contest. For our design contest we were able to contact an artist directly, and also ask any additional questions after the contest was over. Once the contest is over, you pick your favorite design and obtain all files and legal rights to that logo.

In addition to design services by quality designers, a free logo maker has been added to the site giving visitors an opportunity to use the online program to create a one of a kind logo. This is far from some kiddy logo maker like the ones used on Myspace (assuming anyone remembers Myspace). Instead this user friendly program lets you customize nearly every aspect of your logo. Of course, it’s not quite the same as having someone with graphic knowledge to make a personalized logo, website, brochure or business card just for you.

                ZillionDesigns work doesn’t end there. They offer giveaways for non-profit organizations giving back to the community. Yet another way ZillionDesigns has raised the bar and revolutionized how we communicate and exchange ideas for profit. With over 5 million dollars in prize money paid out and thousands of happy customers/business owners and designers all who return to ZillionDesigns time and again, it is easy to see why this company, idea and website is booming. ZillionDesigns is one of many in the new era of internet crowdsourcing in the making.